Where are we riding? Why are we riding ?

Crazy tales from the road from Riki & Lea

 With  Covid 19 running wild, many events being cancelled and the loss of our title sponsor we find ourselves in a tough situation. Do we continue with #RikisRide20 ?

If so how do we do it and still practice social distancing. Will we even hit the road at all ?



#RikisRide18 highlights


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Riki's Ride has been around officially for 6 years. Our goals with the ride has  been to take you to the greatest , scariest, tastiest and just plain incredible locations throughout North America. Together we have ridden coast to coast 13 times. Ridden in  48 states, Mexico to Canada twice and rode through heat, snow and a real lot of rain, I MEAN A LOT OF RAIN !!

      Thanks to you we have raised close to $60,000 for various well deserved charities. 100% of money donated goes right to the charity. In the past the expenses for the ride were covered by sponsors and Riki's personal money. Due to Covid 19 many events have been cancelled and a few sponsors have chose not to be a part of the ride.   We have been asked many times how you can support the ride since all the money donated goes to the 
charities. This year for the first time we have figured out a really cool way for you to all be involved, support the ride and get some very limited items

 Riki Rachtman and Lea Vendetta will be riding a motorcycle 10,000miles with a goal of raising $20,000 for Alzheimers disease Research and Care. All of the money yes ALL THE MONEY we raise will go to the Ryan Blaney Family Foundation