Overwhelmed that  #RikisRide18 raised as much money as WE did. I also could not have predicted I would have  had so many positive experiences. No I'm serious what an adventure. I said it was the best time of my life and it was and Lea felt the same way. It was the riding, sure it was but what made the biggest impact was the people we met.We could not have done it without you.

MELT in Independence Ohio was one of the earlier stops in July. Matt and the staff set up a really cool stop for @leavendetta & I and donated a good portion of all the sales that day to @stopsoldiersuicideorg Holy F the food was insane No really so Damn good plus we filled the place Were you there ?@youknow_themaz @lisapizza77 was there Jeff (sorry I don’t know your Instagram account) was there They made me #chickenwaffles #grilledcheese I ate the whole damn thing Then they brought me #smores Grilled Cheese. Ok 1 Grilled cheese was enough but Cmon am I going to say no to Smores Grill cheese HELL NO Ok no joke I ate so much So many people showed up it I was blown away I mean we packed the joint . It was that night that I had a feeling we were really on to something special. 

We used the OUTLAW BANDIT. Lightweight and easily sets up with speakers or other bluetooth devices. Our choice for helmets and they look bad ass too. The wolf was drawn by Lea Vendetta and painted on by OFF AXIS

#18 My Place Hotels

#19 MELT BAR & GRILL Independence Ohio

20 days before New Years I decided to make a list of 20 people, places and companies that made an impact on #RikisRide18 #20Thanx Look for the post www.instagram.rikirachtman and be sure to comment if you were there

My Place is a newer hotel chain that offers great rooms with all the conveniences of a good clean apartment. The staff was always nice,corteous and all together a very cool place with very reasonable prices. MY PLACE was not an official sponsor of #RikisRide18 but when they found out about our charitable ride they were nice enough to offer up several free nights. I would and will stay at a MY PLACE again